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Metal Wall Art

I was looking into getting more wall-art done for my home-office. Definitely not as large as my previous canvas prints <-click! I've always been curious to see how some of these photos printed on metal would turn out. I was so happy with the calendar quality from mpix, I've been open to the idea of offering custom prints/canvas'. This print is only 16x23.5" vs the canvas' which are basically 20x30". Both are about the same cost really. The real difference that stood out are the blacks, blacks really soak into the canvas' more, so if making a b&w canvas keep that in mind. Sorry for the quick snapshots, these were taken rather hastily. I was in a rush to hang it up, I already had a spot picked out for it even before arrival.

Las Vegas Weekly NYE 2012 Cover

Shot this image a while back of Dj Vice at Marquee Nightclub (Marquee Mondays). Cool to see it on the cover of one of vegas’ weekly mags!! This NYE I’ll be at TAO photographing J.Cole who’s hosting there. Should be relatively easy, I’ve photographed him before at LAVO for his birthday earlier this year.
CES is Jan 8-11th and I’m really looking forward to it. It should be an amazing kick-off to the 2013 work year! I haven’t decided what or where I’ll be shooting nightlife for 2013 yet, hopefully I can lock in one of the newer venues opening this year or get a contract for a pool. There’s so much money being thrown around the clubs in Las Vegas, I’m sure there’s a budget for a photographer somewhere! 😉

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