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Disarm yourself

I found out a few weeks ago Emma Hewitt was performing a live (private) acoustic set at Marquee, and I had to go to it! Emma performed with her brother Anthony (vocal+strings) inside the Library inside Marquee Nightclub in Las Vegas, NV. The last time I photographed both Dash Berlin and Emma Hewitt was in July 2012!! Last year I shot Emma at Marquee Day Club with Cosmic Gate, and Dash Berlin at TAO Nightclub. It was definitely overdue for me to see the both of them, I’m so happy they performed together. I’ve seen them w/Cosmic Gate a few times before, this was definitely a nice change-up.

I normally never take photos with the artists, but a friend/fellow photographer wanted me to take a picture for him, so I figured why not?! She has always been a my favorite female trance vocalist. One of Emma and I at the “Meet & Greet” post-acoustic set in the Library, Marquee on March-26th. Photo credit (for the image above) goes to Roman Mendez of SpyOnVegas. All others photos from yours truly.

I never thought I’d see her do an acoustic set out here ever. If you haven’t purchased her Acoustic EP “Starting Fires” I definitely recommend it! She did such an amazing job especially for performing three times total in the night. A lot of the times you notice a difference an artist is live vs a pre-recorded track but her voice is just as good live!

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