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I’ll fly with you

A few months ago…5 to be exact (Nov. 2014), I finally did an open-door helicopter tour on my Kauai vacation. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, it definitely isn’t the cheapest thing to do, but I had plans to make another family calendar out of the images captured, and a few canvas prints to hang around the house. It’s a good thing I invited my cousin Matt out to join me, if I hadn’t I essentially would have paid for a stranger (employee/staff I’m guessing) for a free ride…something about proper weight distribution, I totally understand but what a waste that would have been! First and foremost, thanks to for agreeing to take me up in the air on a Sunday! I remember the look on Matt’s face when I told him to pack his gear! I took their “photography flight” package. Definitely do some research on how to prep for a flight. Makes life way easier, especially if you’re trying to achieve something up there not knowing exactly what to expect!!

Walked up thinking the Blue Hawaiian on the right was the “standard” helicopter size. Of course we had the little guy on the left (I thought it was a private owned vs commercial helicopter because of the lack of branding or vinyl LOL! ;). And yes, the smallest gust of wind will make you grasp onto the “oh shit” handle and photography instantly becomes a forgotten art.

Our source of communication for the next hour.

Our awesome pilot. also happens to have the best job ever!! Imagine getting to see what this guy does…. EVERY DAY!!!


and now for some much needed….promised visual stimulation….

Jurrasic Park (insert brachiosaurus here)

Hanalei Bay – from other angles taken – I can totally point out the family home.

Notice that beast of a setup. Nikon 14-24 with fotodiox wonderpana nd and polarizer filters both used for this set.

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